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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Open for Commissions and Looking for Help

Hello everyone. Well I'm in a bit of a slump... even though I'm just starting out with the whole PayPal thing and all that. Anyway, I'm currently looking to do some work and also looking for help that I'm going to need in the near future. I'm hoping that I can use the work that I'm doing in return of paying off the work that I need done, so at least there is a balance. Below is a list of what I am best at and the payments, and below that is what I'm looking for:

Free to $5 - all forms of artwork
$1 - Poetry (up to five, which will be a small bundle) and One-Shots
$5 each - chapters for a story (has to be longer than 1,500 words)
And here's the real kicker...
$35 to $50 - completed stories (more than 150,000 words or 15 chapters, depending on the length and quality) and full scripts (has to be either an episode based show or 30 minutes or longer)

Looking for three different animators. One to make a short 10-15 second animation, one to make an opening for a show and one to do an anniversary video. Must be free to do the project, and must be good at animation and has great art. Payment for short clip and opening is $10 and anniversary clip is either $15 or $20.

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